Former Alabama baseball coach slapped with 15-year ban after sports betting scandal

The NCAA placed a 15-year coaching ban on former Alabama Crimson Tide head baseball coach Brad Bohannon for violating the association’s wagering and ethical conduct rules. 

Bohannon was found to knowingly provide “insider information to an individual he knew to be engaged in betting on an Alabama baseball game,” which comes from an agreement released by the Division I committee on Infractions hearing panel. 

That man was Bert Eugene Neff Jr., an Indiana businessman, per ESPN.  


Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon sits on the bench before this team’s game against Texas A&M at Sewell-Thomas Stadium, April 3, 2022. (IMAGN)

Alabama fired Bohannon in May 2023 after an investigation took place into suspicious betting activity related to the team’s game against LSU in late April of that year. 

The NCAA found that Alabama and “enforcement staff” agreed violations on Bohannon’s part came when he used an encrypted messaging app to communicate with Neff to provide inside information for sports betting. 

Bohannon let him know about the starting lineup before telling the opposing team, with one text reading, “(Student-athlete) is out for sure…. Lemme know when I can tell (the opposing team)… Hurry.”


That individual tried to place a $100,000 wager on the Alabama game at the BetMGM sportsbook at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, but the sportsbook limited him to just $15,000. He was denied attempts to make more bets on the game due to suspicious activity. 

Once Bohannon was fired, the NCAA found that he also was in violation of not cooperating with the association’s investigation, leading to further discipline. Bohannon did not participate in an interview, didn’t disclose information relevant to the investigation, and would not provide electronic devices to further the investigation. 

Bohannon and Neff were both banned from Ohio sportsbooks following the betting scandal, per ESPN. 

Brad Bohannon with player on third base

Alabama head coach Brad Bohannon and Jim Jarvis talk during an Auburn Tigers at Sewell-Thomas Stadium. (IMAGN)

“Integrity of games is of the utmost importance to NCAA members, and the panel is deeply troubled by Bohannon’s unethical behavior,” Vince Nicastro, deputy commissioner and chief operating officer of the Big East and chief hearing officer for the panel, explained. “Coaches, student-athletes and administrators have access to information deemed valuable to those involved in betting. 

“Improperly sharing that information for purposes of sports betting cuts to the heart of the honesty and sportsmanship we expect of our members and is particularly egregious when shared by those who have the ability to influence the outcome of games.”

After looking over the investigative report, Level I-mitgated penalties came for Alabama and Level I-aggravated penalties were placed on Bohannon. 

He gets a “15-year show-cause order,” in which “any employing member institution shall restrict Bohannon from any athletically related position.” 

If employed during the 15-year span, the NCAA stated “he shall be suspended for 100% of the baseball regular season for the first five seasons of his employment.” 

Alabama also got hit with three years or probation and a $5,000 fine. They are also required to give student-athletes, coaches and staff comprehensive gambling education. 

Brad Bohannon looks on field

Alabama head coach Brad Bohannon watches his Crimson Tide team against Auburn at Sewell-Thomas Stadium, April 14, 2023, in Tuscaloosa. (IMAGN)


Since this went through the negotiated resolution process instead of a formal hearing – both the university and enforcement staff agreed on the penalties – they cannot be appealed.  

Scott Thompson is a sports writer for Fox News Digital.

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