Fire: Fire in Aduria forest again, cause concern

Fire: Fire in Aduria forest again, cause concern

The fire broke out again in the forest of Aduria in Aushagram of East Burdwan. According to the forest department, a fire broke out in a deep forest near Veladanga in Aushagram on Tuesday. They got the news around 11:30 in the afternoon. The fire was brought under control after trying for about three hours. An official of the forest department claimed that the fire spread to an area of ​​20 hectares. Nisha Goswami, a forest officer in Burdwan, said: This is happening again because of the extra heat. We are monitoring whether anyone is using it intentionally. If caught, appropriate action will be taken.

Forest workers claim that if there is an accidental forest fire, the fire usually starts first along the road. But in this case, it is seen that the deep forest is on fire again and again. Fire is spreading from two or three places at once. Foresters estimate that the fire is being set on purpose. The forest has caught fire five or six times in the last one month. The forest department has repeatedly campaigned to protect the forest. Initiatives have also been taken to stop hunting. But even after that, the forest officials are wondering why that is happening. The forest of Aduria is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including peacocks, pangolins, rabbits, wild cats, and moths. They are in danger of losing their lives in the fire. Although no damage has been done to the wildlife so far, claims the Forest Department.

According to the forest department, a ‘fire watcher’ has been set up to prevent forest fires. On this day fire comes to their notice. As many as 15 forest workers led by bit officer Asraful Islam reached there. Among them Raja Hembrum, Deul Bagdi, Abhijit Dalui, Vaidyanatha Tudu claim that there are many problems in extinguishing the fire. The fire spread quickly in the stormy air with the dried leaves. It also takes some time to reach the deep forest. They claimed that the intensity of the fire was so high that it could not be controlled even with a fire blower. Besides, the temperature on this day was around 43 degrees. Due to the fire, the temperature in the forest increased further. The temperature was about 55 degrees 10-15 feet away from the fire, they claimed. The bodies of the forest workers are burning in the heat, some of them are reported to have started breathing difficulties. Later, a fire engine from Panagarh arrives there. One forest worker said, “The fire brigade is also facing problems as there is not enough space to travel. Initially, the forest workers brought the fire under control.

To prevent poaching of wild animals and setting fire to the forest, the forest workers campaigned in a wide area including Alefnagar, Ramchandrapur, Purbatati, Mirsha under Aushgram bit. Himangshu Mandal, bit officer of Aushagram was with him.

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