Elton John Ozempic Fears: Friends ‘Hope He Doesn’t Go Too Far’

Elton John Ozempic Fears: Friends ‘Hope He Doesn’t Go Too Far’

Elton John‘s dramatic 40-lb weight loss has folks worrying for his health and wondering whether the 77-year-old is talking the popular diet drug Ozempic.

“Elton’s sudden transformation has sparked widespread fears for his well-being, particularly regarding the risks associated with rapid weight-loss methods,” a source exclusively tells In Touch.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Rocket Man” singer prioritized his health and wellness, admitting that he’s always struggled with extra weight.

“A lot of my shame comes from the way I’ve put on weight. It’s been with me all my life. I go up and down like a bloody yo-yo!” the singer-songwriter said on a 2021 episode of the “Deeney Talks” podcast. “But I’ve really concentrated on that during lockdown and I’ve had a lot of help from people in the house.”

Still, his current weight has caused a bit of concern, with an In Touch source saying, “Naturally there is speculation he turned to weight-loss drugs to achieve such rapid results.”

The source adds, “Elton has an addictive personality — let’s hope he doesn’t go too far again!”

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