Donald Trump’s Lawyer Alina Habba and Husband Owe Over 1 Million Dollars in Liens and Warrants

Birds of a feather flock together! Turns out that Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba and her husband, Gregg Reuben, owe more than one million dollars in liens and warrants, In Touch can exclusively reveal.

Habba, 39, ​currently has two active liens filed against her law firm in the state of Maine by the Department of Labor. She and her law firm, Sandelands Eyet LLP owe $1,146, according to paperwork reviewed by In Touch and filed on December 3, 2021. Another tax lien against ​her LLP was filed on October 24, 2022, for the amount of $1,047.

Meanwhile, Habba’s hubby, Reuben, has a staggering amount of active state tax warrants in New York from Albany county that list him individually, as well as his LLCs. Reuben, 51, owes two payments of $93,628 and $179,335 that were filed on August 22, 2016, $484,323 from November ​12, 2020 and $59,295 from April 6, 2022. And several other of his LLCs were also hit with tax liens totaling more than $770,000, which he is personally liable for.

“A lien is filed in a way that is attached to anything you own [and can be] real estate or personal property,” explains Jeremy Wallace, a lawyer who specializes in real estate and bankruptcy in New Jersey. “Theoretically, they can come and raid your house and take your Rolexes. And it can spiral, if you cannot pay one year, why pay the next year and so on.” Reuben ​and Habba’s many tax warrants will hinder ​their ability to buy or sell property until they are paid off, Wallace added.

Habba and Reuben’s money woes are particularly startling because Habba is defending Trump, 77, amid his $250 million real estate fraud case in New York City. Attorney General Letitia James rested the state’s case after calling Ivanka Trump as her final witness on Wednesday. Experts say that should Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron rule against Trump, his sprawling business empire in New York would be permanently shuttered.

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Trump hired Habba in September 2021 to sue his niece Mary Trump and the New York Times for damages after the newspaper revealed the former president’s tax returns. When Habba began working with Trump, many people wondered if she got the job due to her looks, and not her legal acumen. (It was speculated that Trump didn’t get a jury in his fraud trial because she ​forgot to check the box on a legal form requesting a jury. However, Justice Engoron said he would have shot down the request to have a jury because it’s “a non-jury case,” per ABC News.)

Habba eventually addressed the questions as to why Trump had hired her, telling the New York Post. “Just because I’m pretty doesn’t mean I’m not a brilliant lawyer.”

Donald Trump Lawyer Alina Habba and Husband Owe Millions of DollarsCourtesy of The State of Maine

Rueben and Habba’s money issues were revealed five years after In Touch exclusively broke the news that Trump allegedly paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 to stay silent about their affair. In 2018, Stormy, 44, confirmed to In Touch that she had sex with Trump in his Lake Tahoe, Nevada, hotel suite in 2006 while his wife, Melania, was home in New York City with their newborn, Barron.

In 2016, Trump’s then-lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels – whose real name is Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford – to keep details about their affair a secret and had her sign an NDA.

Donald Trump Lawyer Alina Habba and Husband Owe Millions of DollarsCourtesy of The State of Maine

After In Touch’s story broke, Daniels filed three lawsuits against Trump and Cohen, 57. She claimed in the first lawsuit that her NDA was invalid. While she came out victorious, the case was later dismissed after Trump and Cohen agreed to not to enforce the NDA. Additionally, Trump was ordered to pay $44,100 to reimburse her legal fees.

The Louisiana native claimed in her second lawsuit that she was defamed, though she lost the case and was ordered to pay almost $300,000 in legal fees and court sanctions. Daniels only sued Cohen in her third lawsuit, alleging that he colluded with her former attorney Keith Davidson against her best interests when he negotiated the payment for the hush money. The lawsuit was ultimately settled in May 2019.

This is a developing story.

Reporting by Nate Grant

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