Did Micah Parsons just take a shot at Dak Prescott?

Dallas Cowboys defensive star Micah Parsons took an unintentional shot at quarterback Dak Prescott by pointing out the obvious.

Micah Parsons really went there.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane discussed why the Bengals roster building has fared better than Buffalo’s. In doing so, he stated that the Bills hadn’t tanked for the likes of Ja’Marr Chase. It was an odd sentiment, as Cincinnati’s way of doing things has clearly worked.

The Bills window — at least this window — may be coming to an end soon. They’ll have to pay Josh Allen, who will no longer be on a rookie contract. Allen and the Bills agreed to an extension that kicks in after this season.

With that in mind, a solid 20-25 percent of their salary cap will be tied to one player, which limits the number of contributors they can add to help reach their ultimate goal.

Cowboys: Micah Parsons takes accidental shot at Dak Prescott

Micah Parsons noticed Beane’s comment and called him out rather quickly. In doing so, though, he implicated Dallas’ roster building as well.

Parsons is not suggesting that the Cowboys should part ways with Prescott. If anything, he is pointing out a flawed system, in that the NFL is so quarterback-driven that teams are eventually forced to pay a premium for that position. It’s not conducive to winning. Meanwhile, quarterbacks on rookie deals tend to win more because they have more talented teams around them.

Even when Prescott was on his rookie deal, the Cowboys window was never really open. Sure, they can contend with this team, especially considering the talent they have on defense. Parsons and Trevon Diggs are great players, and they are not alone.

Dak’s deal severely limits Dallas not just now, but in the near future. But they don’t have much of a choice but to pay it.

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