Death: Debate over whether teenager survived after being declared dead

Death: Debate over whether teenager survived after being declared dead

Controversy has erupted over the death of a teenager who drowned. The teenager’s family said he was rescued from the water and taken to a local hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. But they claim that after bringing the boy home, his hand is seen moving. He was then taken to another hospital. Even there, the doctors declared the teenager dead.

The incident took place at Chhota Jagulia in Barasat on Monday morning. Dattapukur police said the deceased was identified as Binoy Roy, 18. His home is in Kamaldanga area of ​​CIT Road, Kolkata. A few days ago, the teenager went to visit his uncle’s house in Hatkhola of Chhota Jagulia Panchayat area. His uncle Amar Roy said the incident took place when he was not at home this morning. Amar said, “I drive Toto. Shortly after leaving the house in the morning, the wife called and said that her nephew had drowned after taking a bath in the pond. The boy was pronounced dead at the Jagulia Hospital in Chhota.
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Police officials said the teenager’s family claimed they saw him moving after being brought home from Block Hospital. The locals were outraged by the incident. When they rushed to the block hospital, tension spread there.

Amar said, “After returning from Block Hospital, I massage my nephew’s hands and feet and blow on his face. That’s when I saw his hand moving. Seeing his nephew alive, I rushed him to Barasat Sub-Divisional Hospital. But even there the nephew was pronounced dead. The boy might have survived if he had been admitted to Chhota Jagulia Hospital for treatment. ”

Residents of the area, local panchayat chief Nurul Haque has also expressed anger over the block hospital in Chhota Jagulia. “There have been several such incidents at the hospital,” he said. A couple of months ago, a heart attack patient was taken there and left for three hours. The man later died. Whenever a patient goes to the block hospital, he is referred. We have informed the district administration about this problem more than once.

Despite the counter-claim of Sanjay Chand, Health Officer (BMOH) of Chhota Jagulia Block, everything was done to save the teenager. He said, “The medical officer of the hospital examined the teenager. Everything from her blood pressure test to her chest compression was done. Even after that, it is seen that the patient is no longer alive. In such cases, water often accumulates in the lungs. Then the patient’s body can move if pressure is applied on the chest or abdomen. But that doesn’t mean he’s alive. ”

Binoy’s body has been kept in the morgue of Barasat Sub-Divisional Hospital for autopsy. Superintendent of the hospital Subrata Mandal said, “When the teenager was brought here, he died at that moment.”

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