China is concerned about Corona in the two cities

China is concerned about Corona in the two cities

Another 47 people died of covidia in Shanghai, China’s commercial capital, on Tuesday. But within a day, the death toll in the city has dropped. Last Monday, 52 people were killed in a corona attack in Shanghai. The city authorities said this on Wednesday. News agency Reuters.

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In addition, 11,957 corona were newly identified in Shanghai yesterday, all of whom had no symptoms of the virus. A day ago the number was 15 thousand 319. Meanwhile, the corona of another 1,606 people who have symptoms have been identified. The number of identities on the previous day was 1 thousand 71.

According to a Reuters report, Shanghai has the highest incidence of corona in China, the epicenter of the global coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, 31 locally infected corona were identified on Tuesday in the Chinese capital, Beijing. In addition, 3 asymptomatic patients have been identified.

Shanghai has been under severe lockdown for weeks after the coronavirus outbreak re-emerged. A lockdown was imposed in Shanghai, China’s main commercial center, at the end of March following a new outbreak of the corona. At this time, the city authorities are examining the residents’ corona.

Meanwhile, residents of the Chinese capital, Beijing, have resumed corona testing as the number of coronavirus detections began to rise sharply. Despite government assurances of adequate food supplies, long queues have been seen outside Beijing’s supermarkets and shops. Corona’s rise to prominence has led to fears of a few weeks of lockdown restrictions, like in the city of Shanghai, which has a population of 2.5 million. Residents have started rushing to stockpile daily necessities. Pictures published in the local media show the shelves of the city’s supermarkets lying empty. The government has instructed the companies to increase the supply of daily necessities.

Towards the end of 2019, the first corona was identified in China. The country has since been able to significantly reduce the incidence and mortality of covid through mass corona tests, travel bans and lockdowns in various areas. For more than a year, corona mortality in China has been zero.

However, recent outbreaks of coronavirus have spread to different parts of the country. On March 19, two people died of corona in the northeastern Chinese province of Jilin. It was the first death in China in more than a year. Now the outbreak is increasing again.


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