Children will not be allowed to build on the ground unless they are given a place to play: Rizwana Hasan

Children will not be allowed to build on the ground unless they are given a place to play: Rizwana Hasan


The mother and son were taken away by Kalabagan police around 11 am on Sunday. Upon receiving the news, human rights activists including Syeda Rizwana Hasan went to the field opposite Square Hospital at around 2 pm. Later in the night, they protested in front of Kalabagan police station demanding release of mother and son.

Syeda Ratna and her son were released from the police station around 12:30 pm in the face of their protest. Syeda Rizwana Hasan told reporters at the time, “If we do not find an alternative playground for children, we will not be allowed to build a police station on that ground.”

He said, “I hope that the police will move away from the construction of the police station building in the same way as the police released Ratna Apa and her son out of respect for public opinion.” There is only one playground for children in that area. If no alternative field is found, the construction of police station building will not be allowed there. The movement will continue for this.

Earlier, Rizwana Hasan emphasized on the importance of field protection and said, “We do not want a criminal society. That is why children and teenagers need playgrounds in every part of the country. Crime cannot be reduced by setting up police stations in the field. If there is more field, crime will decrease.

The open space on the opposite side of Panthapath Square Hospital is known as Tentultala ground. Local children play there. Besides, various social programs including Eid prayers and janaza are held in the field.

Initiatives have been taken to construct a permanent building of Kalabagan police station in this field. The locals have been protesting since the matter came to light.

Locals staged a sit-in in front of the Concord Tower on Panthapath on February 4 to demand protection of the field. Local children and teenagers and local residents took part in the program organized under the banner of ‘Kalabagan Elakabasi’. Syeda Ratna was one of the organizers of the human chain.

Ratna’s daughter Sheunti Shahgufta told Prothom Alo that bricks were thrown at the field in Kalabagan on Sunday morning. His mother made it live on social media Facebook. At one stage, the police arrested his mother and brother around 11 am.

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