Child victim of intellectual disability in Sreevardi

Child victim of intellectual disability in Sreevardi

A 10-year-old mentally handicapped child has been raped in Sherpur’s Sreevardi. The allegation was made against Emaj Uddin, 55, son of Suruzzaman, a neighbor of the victim. The incident took place at noon on Friday in Bakchar Kantipara village of Tatihati union of the upazila. Police rescued the victim from the spot around 10 pm on Sunday.

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Neighbors said the victim’s father, Sirajul Haque, worked as a day laborer. Her daughter is mentally handicapped. She is a third class student of Bakchar Kantipara Disability School. On Friday, Sirajul Haque went to work at someone else’s house. His mother goes to the next house. On this occasion, Emaj Uddin found the child alone at home around noon and raped the child. At that time the child screamed. Later people from the area went to the spot. Later, Emaj Uddin tactfully moved away from there. Emaj Uddin approached the village arbitrator to cover up the matter. But the incident was not resolved in two days.

When the locals called 999, the police of Sreevardi police station rescued the victim from the spot. Nuruzzaman, the headmaster of Bakchar Kantipara Disability School, said that the child was mentally handicapped. We suggest that you resort to the law for a fair trial. However, the teachers of the school including this teacher demanded a fair trial of the incident. Confirming the incident, Officer-in-Charge of Sreevardi Police Station Biplob Biswas said that a rape case is being processed in this regard. He said raids were also underway to arrest the rapist.

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