Bruce Willis Is a ‘Die Hard’ Girl Dad! Everything ​to Know about the Actor’s 5 Daughters

Bruce Willis Is a ‘Die Hard’ Girl Dad! Everything ​to Know about the Actor’s 5 Daughters

There’s a certain type of energy that a girl dad brings to the table and a prime example is Bruce Willis. The Die Hard actor started a family with ex-wife Demi Moore during their 13-year marriage. Bruce and Demi welcomed their eldest daughter, Rumer Willis, in August 1998, followed by Scout Willis in July 1991 and Tallulah Willis in February 1994.

Bruce and ​the Ghost actress got a divorce in 2000 and he started a second family when he married wife No. 2, Emma ​Heming, nine years later. The couple share daughters Mabel Willis and Evelyn Willis.

Rumer Willis

The oldest of the bunch grabbed a hold of the entertainer gene from her A-list parents. Rumer continued to hit the books after high school as she attended the Interlochen Center for the Arts and University of Southern California. After getting her college degree, Rumer hit Hollywood and starred in films like Sorority Row and Wild Cherry.

Not to mention, Rumer has costarred in a film with her mom in Now and Then (1995) and her dad 10 years later in the movie Hostage. Needless to say, they’re more than supportive of her career. In fact, Rumer’s performances have even brought Bruce to tears.

“I did a couple cabaret shows and I think a lot of where my music taste comes from is from [Bruce] and so whenever I know that he’s gonna come to a show, I always try and sing something that is something he either showed me or something that he likes,” she said during a 2019 interview with Access Hollywood. “The last couple times I did a show, I just saw him, like, crying and he was like, ‘You made me cry!’ It’s super sweet because I feel like people see him and he’s so used to being this action-hero macho man and just to see him crying is so sweet and tender.”

Rumer shares daughter Louetta with boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas.

Scout Willis

Scout also dabbled in acting and gained credits in films including The Scarlet Letter alongside her mom! The adult celebrity kid also followed her passion for music and released her EP album with Gus Wenner titled Gus + Scout.

Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

In March 2024, Scout wished her father a special happy birthday amid his battle with frontotemporal dementia and pulled on fans’ heartstrings with her heartfelt words. The entertainer pointed out a photo with Bruce as they danced at an elite gala and the story was pure.

“My mom made me take waltz lessons, but then when they had my dad and I start the evening dancing, i asked if he knew what he was doing and he said ‘just go with it’ and we did. He swung me around that fancy ballroom with Jersey boy confidence and a mischievous elegance that I pray every day I inherited,” she wrote. “A tender, moody, beautiful, very Piscean man, whose depth of love for his family can only be felt, not articulated. Any words I use would be woefully inadequate. So instead I want to say thank you for loving my papa, thank you for sharing your stories of what he means to you, it’s such a gift to feel your love. Happy happy birthday to the GOAT.”

Tallulah Willis

Tallulah left the nest after high school and attended the University of San Francisco and went on to join the acting business. In her private life, she struggled with body image and got addicted to the appetite-suppressant side-effect of her ADHD medication. Tallulah went to rehab in 2014 and shared that she was sober three years later.

In March 2024, Tallulah revealed she has autism. “Tell me you’re autistic without telling me you’re autistic,” she wrote via Instagram alongside a video of her younger self touching her dad’s face on the red carpet of an event. In the comments section, she shared that she found out her diagnosis in the summer of 2023 and admitted that it was the first time she announced she had autism.

Mabel Willis

Bruce and wife Emma welcomed daughter Mabel in April 2012. The couple celebrated the little one’s 11th birthday in 2024 and sent their best wishes to her.

“Happy 11th Birthday Mabel Ray!” Emma wrote via Instagram. “Your energy is infectious. You can light a whole room with your smile and warmth. How you love and care for your family and friends is beautiful to witness. Keep shining my love and always remember to #liveitup.”

Evelyn Willis

Bruce’s youngest daughter joined the family on May 8, 2014. The child is wise beyond her words and has supported her dad after his March 2022 dementia diagnosis.

In May 2023, Emma shared a story of the time that Evelyn googled “fun facts about dementia” to see how she can make her dad’s life smoother.

“Now, that’s not funny, but it’s kind of funny. And she really is her father’s child because these two love some random facts,” Emma said in an ​Instagram video. “So I said to her, ‘Evelyn, we will always make sure daddy has a bottle of water in hand. Thank you for letting me know. But that is the most loving and compassionate thing that you can do is to be curious and educate yourself on your dad’s disease.’”

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