BNP often lies by quoting foreigners: Hasan Mahmud

BNP often lies by quoting foreigners: Hasan Mahmud

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Joint General Secretary of the Bangladesh Awami League. Hasan Mahmud said, BNP often quotes foreigners and makes various statements. Most of it is false and fabricated. This was proved by the outrage of the German ambassador.

The information and broadcasting minister was responding to a question from reporters before Iftar at the RB Convention Center in Bahaddarhat in Chittagong city on Saturday evening. The Iftar and Doa Mahfil was organized in honor of the residents of the Information Minister’s constituency living in Chittagong city.

Hasan Mahmud said that the ambassador of a country like Germany has expressed his displeasure over the statements made by the BNP leaders. I have not seen any ambassador in the country saying this about any party. The BNP has distorted the ambassador’s statement.

He said the BNP had a meeting with the German ambassador. The BNP has distorted what the German ambassador said at the meeting. They told the media what the German ambassador did not say.

He further said that the politics of BNP is not with the people, they run towards foreigners from time to time. Bangladesh should not be helped by writing letters to foreigners. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir signed a letter to US Congressmen to stop aid to Bangladesh.

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting said that the proof of the BNP’s anti-politics and lies and anti-politics with foreigners is the expression of anger of the German Ambassador in the BNP’s statement.
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Chhatra League is involved in the incident of New Market – in response to a question from journalists about the statement of Mirza Fakhrul. Hasan Mahmud said, BNP is involved in the incident of New Market. Local BNP leaders are involved. In an attempt to create a volatile environment, local BNP leaders got into a scuffle between shopkeepers and students. Tried to create an unstable situation.

Mirza Fakhrul is the champion of lies- mentioning Dr. Hassan Mahmood said there was no reason for such a big event to happen in a small matter. Police are arresting the accused after examining the video footage. That is why the BNP leaders have spoken.

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