Bills: Josh Allen rips ridiculous Damar Hamlin body double rumors

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen responded to a rumor that Damar Hamlin wasn’t really at Highmark Stadium on Sunday.

Social media is an odd place where false rumors can fester and gain life, even those as ridiculous as a Damar Hamlin body double.

Yes, despite the fact that we witnessed Hamlin receive a standing ovation at Highmark Stadium, and we’ve consistently received information as to his health for the last few weeks, some are convinced that the Hamlin fans saw on Sunday…wasn’t actually Hamlin.

Hamlin himself had a clever response to all that:

Josh Allen didn’t take as kindly to the absurdity, however. The Buffalo quarterback blasted those spreading such misinformation.

“Yeah, that’s stupid,” Allen said during an appearance on the “Kyle Brandt’s Basement” podcast. “…One, that’s Damar’s swag… he likes wearing that. Two, he was in the locker room with us pregame.

The fact that Allen felt the need to prove himself is ridiculous enough, but he did so with valid points.

Bills: Josh Allen claps back at absurd Damar Hamlin rumors

After initially making his case, and perhaps taking the rumors a little too seriously, Josh Allen doubled down.

“So yes that was Damar. There’s absolutely zero chance, there is absolutely zero chance. He’s Damar Hamlin. That’s our guy. That’s our brother. He was with us — pregame, postgame. He was up in the suite with his family, his little brother, 100 percent. So people need to stop that s–t,” Allen said, per the New York Post.

The rumors started as Hamlin’s face was covered via sunglasses and a mask. Nonetheless, it takes a dark conspiracy-theorist mind to actually believe Buffalo would fake Hamlin’s appearance just to motivate fans.

Thankfully, the real Damar Hamlin is in good health. His return to the gridiron will take more time and thought.

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