Bangladesh club wants to touch the record of Argentina

Bangladesh club wants to touch the record of Argentina

“You know that 28 matches are unbeaten, do you know?” Fortis Football Club midfielder Krishna Mali was surprised to hear the question, ‘What did you say! We haven’t lost in a long time. But that is why 26 matches have been played, the matter was not known.

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Fortis is doing well in the second tier of the professional league championship league. The team is unbeaten in 28 matches in two seasons. They have won 18 and drawn 10 in the last 28 matches. The last draw was yesterday at Kamalapur Stadium with Azampur Football Club Uttara (goalless).

Last year, for the first time, Fortis lost in three of the first six matches by entering the second tier Championship League. The latest rate is March 13, 2021. However, being the third in the league could not rise in the Premier.

With 18 players from that team, this time under the leadership of coach Milon Mollah and assistant coach Atiqur Rahman (Mishu), the team has matched itself in the league. Fortis is now at the top of the table with 26 points from 13 matches to meet the goal of reaching the Premier League. ৬ Draw against win.

This time Fortis wants to touch the fame of Argentina football team. Lionel Messi’s side have not lost in their last 31 matches in international football. Shahin Hasan, the vice-president of the club, has made that invincible trend of the Argentines a bird’s eye view.

Standing on the field yesterday, he said, ‘I personally support the Argentine team. They are unbeaten in 31 matches at the moment. I want my team to touch the record of Argentina.

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