Bachhorer Best 2021: Fence Breaking Ceremony! Anandabazar Online is also the ambassador of new youth in search of excellence

Bachhorer Best 2021: Fence Breaking Ceremony! Anandabazar Online is also the ambassador of new youth in search of excellence

Not to carry the old. Breaking down fences is a new tradition. Anandabazar Online walks along that path. The search for his superiority also seemed to be tied to the strong posture of that path. Anandabazar Online’s ‘Best Evening of the Year’ was illuminated by the wave of breaking the dam, the courage to break the social fence from geography. This time both legs.

The first year was a short program in the extreme weather. This year, ITC Royal Bengal won the title of ‘Best XI of the Year’ in the glittering evening of the weekend. Anandabazar Online has found these 11 accomplished Bengalis through the eyes of jewelers in the last 12 months.

Kaushik Das playing the piano in the air. Beyond that, actor-director Anirban Bhattacharya’s exalted voice in ‘Break the Dam’ became the main melody of the program. After catching that infallible message of the song ‘Taser Desh’, the editor-in-chief of Anandabazar Digital, Abhik Sarkar himself said: ” Don’t get me wrong by looking at my white hair and beard. But I will break the dam too! ‘ Anindya Jana, the editor of Anandabazar Online and Sravanti Bandyopadhyay, the editor of the entertainment department conducted the program. Breaking the tradition of Anirban, Nandimukh is taken forward by Sravanti’s ceremony at break. He sang ‘We are the messengers of new youth’.

Best Sukumar Upadhyay
is the star of the year. Someone famous. Some in education, some in technology, some in science, some in entertainment. In the crowd of those ‘bests’ found from every field of society and life, a ‘non-ordinary’ man has taken place. She is also the best of the first year, far from the glamor. Sukumar Upadhyay, a policeman by profession and a social worker intoxicated, is one of the 12 ‘non-ordinary’ people found in Anandabazar online last year. For the last 30 years or so, he has been on the side of the people. MP Mahua Maitra and doctor Abhijit Chowdhury handed over the honor to him.

Best Perth Majumdar of the year
Corona overpowered him and his family. Yet the pace of his research could not stop. Perth Majumdar is constantly researching Corona. If the length of his beard was a little longer, the professor would have become a cone! Which form of the corona is spreading the fastest in the time of extreme affliction, its fate was first matched by the hand of this scientist. The award was presented to him by Anuradha Lohia, Vice Chancellor, Presidency University and Rudranshu Mukherjee, Acharya, Ashoka University, Haryana.

Priyanka Bose Best Actress of the Year Priyanka Bose
has been performing on the international stage from Bengal to India. The actress of the Hollywood series ‘The Wheel of Time’ is absent due to the busy schedule of the web series. His shooting call time in Vinrajya at 8:30 in the morning. He expressed his gratitude in a video message.

Best Anjan Chatterjee of the year
People who don’t know his name in the world of food are fair. Anjan Chattopadhyay, head of the SRPM group, has put Kolkata on the map of the country and the world. In his Bengali restaurant ‘Chowrangi’ in London, he is feeding fish and rice to the masters. Actress Paoli Dham and dancer Dona Gangopadhyay were in charge of handing over the honor to him on the occasion.

The best Madhumita Sarkar
of the year has gone from small screen to big screen and OTT picture on mobile screen. His performance in the latest web series ‘Uttaran’ from one series after another has set him on fire. He has opened his own production company in ten years. Mimi or Nusrat, with whom he competes? Madhumita’s open answer is that she loves acting in this world. There is no question of colliding with anyone.

Best of the Year Amitabh Roy
Meritorious students of one era are now becoming technology masters and handling the responsibilities in one organization after another. Ericsson Global Services MD Amitabh Roy. CPM state secretary Mohammad Selim and actress Raima Sen received the award. In response to a question from the moderator, Sojasaptai said that there is no shortage of talent in Bengal. The triumph of technology is therefore not an elusive dream at all. The ex-captain of the Indian women’s cricket team has not stopped running as

the best Jhulan Goswami of the year started running as a ball girl.
He is Jhulan Goswami of ‘Chakdaha Express’. One world record after another in the bag. Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, Director General of Bondhan Bank handed over the honor to him. Goswami, Gangopadhyay: Can’t Bengalis become captains of India without Brahmins? Such a bouncer of the conductor, but Divya managed to swing the bowler loudly!

Best Marina Tabassum of the Year
Architect by profession Marina Tabassum of Dhaka city of Upper Bengal. At the moment at Harvard, training in architecture. From the house of prayer to the house of residence, the house of the homeless — everything he builds with utmost care. Meditation, knowledge is his architecture throughout. Unable to come to his mother’s favorite city, Kolkata, the depressed Marina effortlessly shared the award in a video message with the entire team working with him. Busy protagonist of the picture-series from the stage artist of

the best Anirban Bhattacharya drama of the year .
Anirban Bhattacharya at once and in parallel. He started his new journey as the director of ‘Mandar’. Actors are no longer stars, characters. The beauty of the screen is in their team, their brightest face. Director Srijit Mukherjee and singer-actor Rupankar Bagchi received the award. Eternal or Ritwik, who is the big actor’s difficult question comes up with a flat answer – Ritwik.

Next best Sushmita Chatterjee
From modeling to movies. The glittering girl is now Nusrat’s ‘sister’ in Tollywood. Sushmita Chatterjee, the daughter of Asansol’s Kulti, has been a well-known face in the acting world lately. He is the best of the future. Shalimar’s two masters, Heerak Bhattacharya and Tilak Bhattacharya handed over the honor to him.

The best Soham Gupta
he took pictures. The camera became the canvas. Photographer Soham Gupta is one of the Bengalis who got recognition by taking photography to the stage of art. The award went to Tollywood’s ‘Industry’ Prosenjit Chatterjee and actress Ditipriya Roy. Ditipriya herself was the winner of last year’s award.
On the last page, Prosenjit talks about the father-daughter picture ‘Aay Khuku Aay’. He also praised his daughter ‘Gudiya’ Ditipriya on screen. And Ditipriya herself? A year ago, he was asked on stage what he would do if he got a chance to act with Prosenjit. A year later that is real. That is why the small screen is full of ‘Rani Rasamoni’.

The event was hosted by Shalimar Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. Powered by CESC. Partners included ABP Wedding, AMRI Hospitals, Dollar, Ananda Publishers, Great Eastern Hotel and BC Sen Jewelers.

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