As Athletics inch toward Vegas move, Green Day singer joins boycott and Tom Hanks says 'damn them all to hell'

Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong and actor Tom Hanks appeared to be feeling some type of way about the possibility of losing the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas over the last few weeks.

Earlier this week, A’s fans packed the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in what was deemed a “reverse boycott” to encourage team owner John Fisher to sell the team in hopes of preventing a move to Sin City. Armstrong showed up at the Coliseum to support the boycott.


Athletics fans fill RingCentral Coliseum during a “reverse boycott” game against the Tampa Bay Rays on June 13, 2023, in Oakland, California. (Brandon Vallance/Getty Images)

“Oakland forever. Vegas never. #Selltheteam,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories.

Weeks earlier, actor Tom Hanks was at a media event and was asked whether he would consider buying the A’s from Fisher. According to Forbes, the A’s are valued at around $1.18 billion while Hanks’ net worth is said to be around $400 million.

“We’ve lost the Raiders. The Warriors moved to San Francisco. And now they’re going to take the A’s out of Oakland.… Damn them all to hell,” Hanks said.

When the host made known that the A’s were averaging about 2,000 fans in the stands, Hanks replied, “The greatest fans in all of baseball.”

A's fans run a reverse boycott

Athletics fans have a message for the team’s owner during the Tampa Bay Rays game at RingCentral Coliseum on June 13, 2023, in Oakland, California. (Brandon Vallance/Getty Images)

The host added that if Ryan Reynolds could purchase a sports team, Hanks can definitely do it. The “Castaway” actor added that he didn’t do “that” well in his career.

Hanks had a summer job at the Coliseum as a hot dog vendor when he was 14. He recalled to Jimmy Kimmel in 2019 about the rivalry the adult vendors had with the teens.

“I came across professional vendors, who did not like the fact kids were there,” he said at the time. “I’m 14 years old and a guy, probably in his late-50s, is yelling [at me], ‘Hey, kid, that was my sale!’”

Billie Joe Armstrong and Tom Hanks

A split photo of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and actor Tom Hanks. (Getty Images)


Despite the reverse boycott, a stadium financing bill aimed to draw the Athletics to Las Vegas was approved by the Nevada Senate and will head to the Assembly. The proposed 30,000-seat stadium would be the smallest in pro baseball.

Ryan Gaydos is a senior editor for Fox News Digital.

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