Afghanistan lost to Sri Lanka by 4 runs in the World Cup semi-final

Afghanistan lost to Sri Lanka by 4 runs in the World Cup semi-final

One team was reduced to 134 runs. Chasing another team lost 6 wickets for 43 runs. That team needed only 5 runs off 25 balls. Sri Lanka could not save the task even after simplifying the difficult equation.

Afghanistan and Sri Lanka met in the Under-19 Cricket World Cup yesterday. Last month, Afghanistan were bowled out for 134 by Sri Lanka in the final of the Asia Cup, but Afghanistan did not give up. The team that could not reach the semi-finals of the Asia Cup lost to Sri Lanka by 4 runs in the semi-finals of the World Cup. The Sri Lankans, who are top of the group in Australia and the West Indies, now aim to be the best in the semi-finals.

Tomorrow’s fight in Antigua is actually between Binuja Ranpal and Dunith Vellalag. Afghanistan lost 4 wickets for 28 runs in the cannon of pacer Ronpal. Allah Nur and Abdul Hadi took the helm. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. The second goal was to score.

Both have returned to Vellalage. Nur returned for 63 runs. Nur, who scored 25 off 56 balls, hit a four in the innings. After losing the sixth wicket for 64 runs, the Afghan batting was in danger of collapsing again. But Nur Ahmed went to counter-attack with Hadi on one side. The left-arm leg-spinner, who played in the Big Bash in just 18 years, was dismissed for 30 off 33 balls with four sixes by Ronpal. At that time Afghanistan scored 132 runs.

Hadi returned leaving the team with 132 runs. His 36 runs came from 96 balls. Afghanistan scored 2 runs for the remaining 2 wickets. Ronpal got 5 wickets for just 10 runs in 9.1 overs. Meanwhile, left-arm spinner Vellalage took 3 for 36.
After such bowling, these two did not think that they would have to bat tomorrow. But they had to go down with the failure of the batsmen and suicide.

The batting condition of the Afghanistan team is not good. The team was all out for 52 runs against Pakistan in the Asia Cup. He scored only 194 runs against the United Arab Emirates. But the team’s bowling lineup is rich. As mentioned earlier, this team also has bowlers who have played in Big Bash! This was indicated by the fact that Pakistan lost 6 wickets for 53 runs in the Asia Cup.

Even yesterday, the Afghan bowlers held the opponent. The Sri Lankans also made the task of the opponent easier by getting four runs out. Sri Lanka lost 2 wickets in 4 overs. The pace of the run was very slow. The first run out was seen in the 11th over. The next two are 16 and 18 overs. Sri Lanka lost 4 wickets for 43 in the first ball of the 16th over. Chamindu Bikramasinghe scored the highest 18 runs.

Left-arm spinner Vellalage and leg-spinner Robin de Silva tried to resist. Both of them spent 23.4 overs for the wicket. L 89 runs in the eighth wicket partnership. The generous hand of the Afghan bowlers also played a role in this. The Afghan bowlers gave 32 wickets in the innings.

When Sri Lanka won, they lost. Vellalage, who scored 34 off 61 balls, returned first. De Silva was out after 4 runs. Izharul Haque stopped Naveed for 21 off 64 balls.

Sri Lanka lost the ninth wicket for 116 runs. But Ronpal did not give up hope. The new ball’s bowling partner Tribin Mathews was picking up the runs little by little. The two made 14 runs in 4 overs.

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