A Muslim friend who performed his last rites according to Hindu rites

A Muslim friend who performed his last rites according to Hindu rites

In India, a Muslim friend has set a unique example of harmony by performing the last rites of a friend according to Hindu rites. The incident took place in Raniganj area of ​​Asansol in West Bengal.

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The name of the person who performed the last rites of a Hindu friend by shaving his head after observing uncleanness for 13 days in a row according to the rules is Mohammad Shamsuddin. He is a resident of Raniganj church area. His friend’s name is Yogendra Prasad.

It is learned that 50-year-old Jogendra Prasad was a resident of Mogra area of ​​Hooghly district of West Bengal. However, he used to live at Raniganj bus stand in Asansol for a long time. Unmarried Jogendra had no relatives. One day Mohammad Shamsuddin had a talk with him at the office of the local grassroots organization in Raniganj. Then a deep friendship developed between them.

Jogendra had been ill for some time. He died on April 11. Since there was no one in the family, Shamsuddin took all the responsibility of the funeral. After 13 days of uncleanness, he shaved his head and recited mantras according to the complete Hindu scriptures. In Shamsuddin’s words, he was born a human being, not a Hindu or a Muslim, and he is proud to do the last thing a friend can do.

Meanwhile, the locals have also become emotional after seeing such an example of love and harmony towards a friend. Many are helping Shamsuddin financially to complete the funeral of that Hindu friend. Later, with that money, food was provided for Yogendra’s shraddha.

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