A Breakdown of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Turbulent Relationship Before and After ‘Plus 8’

Although Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin were married for 10 years and had eight children together, the former husband and wife haven’t been on good terms since they split in 2009. 

Following their messy split, Jon and Kate found themselves locked in a heated custody battle for their minor children. The pair share sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Leah. Their twins, Mady and Cara, escaped the legal drama thanks to their status as adults. Jon, who has full custody of Hannah and Collin, even admitted on The Dr. Oz Show in November 2021 that he has a strained relationship with his eldest children.

Beyond the custody battle, the exes have dealt and received blows from one another following their messy and public divorce. Jon has accused Kate of being an “absentee” mom, while Kate claimed that none of their children have been “damaged” from filming their reality TV show.

Keep reading to learn more about the reality stars’ relationship ups and downs.

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