90 Day Fiance’s Veronica Rodriguez Claps Back at Plastic Surgery Speculation, Reveals Future Plans

90 Day Fiance’s Veronica Rodriguez Claps Back at Plastic Surgery Speculation, Reveals Future Plans

90 Day Fiancé star Veronica Rodriguez clapped back after a troll urged her to “be natural,” claiming they didn’t like what she “did to” her face.

“Well I broke my jaw/fractured my cheek and my face got crooked,” Veronica, 38, wrote in response to the comment under her Monday, April 1, Instagram post. “My face looked funny on the tell-all because I landed at midnight because Chloe had a choir performance and they made me arrive first at 5:30 a.m.”

The TLC personality explained that her face was “puffy from travel,” and noted she hadn’t gotten Botox since September 2023.

“I love my face before and now, your opinion of it has no impact on my life,” the 90 Day: The Single Life alum continued. “Ps. I’m planning on getting a tummy tuck and breast reduction later this year, so you might as well unfollow me now so you can avoid being triggered in the future.”

Veronica first revealed she broke her jaw using an ab wheel during a family trip to Miami in August 2023. “We went out to celebrate my birthday early, we had dinner, we had cake, we had all the good things,” the North Carolina resident detailed in a TikTok. “Then my brother wanted to do a push-up challenge.”

While her sister couldn’t keep up with the challenge, Veronica took matters into her own hands and grabbed her stepmother’s ab wheel from under the couch.

“So I pull it out and this ab wheel had an auto recoil feature,” she explained, comparing the workout equipment to a toy car that “go on their own.” “It’s meant to help you back up, but I had it backward. So I pulled up and when I went to, you know, push back out, that thing took off on me and slammed my face into a marble floor on a slab of foundation.”

Veronica said her chin was “ripped open” and she was rushed to the emergency room, where doctors found three fractures in her face and jaw. “So they had to wire my jaw shut because of all the fractures so that it can heal properly,” she continued, noting her other option was to do an “open surgery” and add plates and screws into her face. “But there were a lot more complications with that, even though the healing may have been shorter than my jaw being wired.”

The mom of one’s jaw was no longer wired as of September 20, 2023, and joked she had anticipated brushing her teeth “like a hundred times.”

“I swear it’s clean. It wasn’t as dirty as I anticipated, shockingly. So that antiseptic, medicated mouthwash did its duty,” she told her followers in a TikTok. “I will say like chewing food … so like tortilla chips, crispy things, they haven’t hurt my teeth … But chewing like the bacon bits on the potato skins, that mastication process, does leave my jaw a little sore.”

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