90 Day Fiance’s Rob and Sophie Get Married in California Despite Feeling ‘Apprehension’

90 Day Fiance’s Rob and Sophie Get Married in California Despite Feeling ‘Apprehension’

Congratulations are in order for 90 Day Fiancé couple Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra, who got married during the latest episode of season 10.

Rob, 32, and Sophie, 23, tied the knot in California during the Sunday, February 25, episode of 90 Day Fiancé. It wasn’t all smooth sailing leading up to the nuptials, however, as both parties expressed “apprehension” the night before about getting married. They agreed not to see each other until they walked down the aisle.

On the morning of their big day, Sophie had a sore throat, which made her wonder if that was a sign she shouldn’t have been getting married. Though Rob was ready and waiting at the altar on the beach, Sophie and her mom got lost. Thankfully, they found the wedding spot, and Sophie reunited with her man. They got married as Sophie’s mother cried happy tears, despite her past issues with Rob.

Rob and Sophie had a tumultuous journey to the aisle. Their romance began when Sophie, a mixed race woman, followed several Instagram pages for mixed race men and stumbled on Rob’s page. They had an eight-hour FaceTime call and felt a connection. Sophie, who was raised in Spain but an England native, traveled to Los Angeles and spent two months getting to know Rob more.

Sophie then brought up the idea of getting a K-1 visa so that she could move to the U.S. and marry Rob. He was initially unsure about it but ultimately agreed to get engaged. However, they quickly faced issues in their engagement, starting with Sophie’s dishonesty about her sexual orientation. During the October 8, 2023, episode, she admitted that she hadn’t told Rob she was bisexual. She eventually told him during a December 2023 episode, and he had conflicted feelings.

“I feel like this is something you probably should have told me before,” he told her, adding in a confessional that it wasn’t a “bad thing” that she was bisexual.

Sophie keeping her sexual orientation from Rob wasn’t their only issue. They came from different backgrounds, as Sophie was raised wealthy and Rob had a more humble lifestyle. This led to arguments about Rob’s living situation in L.A.

Sophie’s mom, Claire, also didn’t like Rob, which led to tension for the couple. She warned Sophie that she would “lose her spark” if she stayed with Rob.

Another big issue in Rob and Sophie’s relationship was their disagreement over wanting kids. During the October 29, 2023, episode, Sophie admitted that she was on the fence about having children, while Rob knew he wanted to be a father. Even after Sophie told Rob’s sister that she wasn’t sure she could get pregnant due to a medical issue, Rob said he wasn’t sure he’d be able to walk down the aisle if they weren’t on the same page about kids.

Rob and Sophie also hit a roadblock when she found sexual conversations with other women on his phone.

“I went on this one app and, like basically he’s been getting, like, disgusting videos from other women and asking for nudes,” Sophie explained. “No one wants to see their partner, you know, get turned on for anyone other than them.”

Rob insisted that the conversations were from before Sophie came to the U.S. Though she agreed to give him another chance, she continued to experience trust issues with Rob leading up to their nuptials. However, it seems they were able to put all their problems behind them for a happy wedding day.

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