90 Day Fiance’s Mahmoud Complains About Nicole’s Clothes as Soon as He Touches Down in America

90 Day Fiance’s Mahmoud Complains About Nicole’s Clothes as Soon as He Touches Down in America

90 Day Fiance star Mahmoud El Sherbiny finally made it to America to be with his wife, Nicole Sherbiny, but he wasn’t happy when he arrived to see what Nicole was wearing.

“What’s this?” Mahmoud, 31, asked in a scene from the Sunday, March 24, episode of the hit TLC reality series, referring to Nicole’s gray top and matching skirt. “Cover your stomach.”

Nicole, 40, was confused by Mahmoud’s request and replied, “What are you talking about? I wanted to look nice for you, honey.”

However, Mahmoud still wasn’t comfortable with the sliver of Nicole’s abdomen being visible in public.

“You always look nice, ok? But not like to show your stomach,” the Cairo native responded.

When Nicole laughed and asked Mahmoud not to ruin the moment, he became irritated.

“Don’t start and saying, ‘Don’t ruin it,’ after that,” Mahmoud snapped.

Mahmoud also wasn’t comfortable with Nicole’s public displays of affection, and he actively avoided her attempts to kiss him. A producer asked off-camera if Nicole’s kisses were making him uncomfortable and he admitted that they were. Nicole brushed off the remark and said that because they were now in America, she could “do whatever she wants to.”

“She lives like that, I know,” Mahmoud explained to the cameras. “But, as like, Muslim, it does not feel good to do that around people.”


The tension between the two 90 Day stars continued even after they arrived at Nicole’s house. Mahmoud complained about Nicole’s choice in art on the walls and the amount of pillows in the house, and he wasn’t a fan of the naked mannequin she had on display. When Nicole gifted Mahmoud a pair of pajamas, he called the gift weird. Because Mahmoud didn’t sleep on the plane, he was tired and this irritated Nicole. The reality star hoped that Mahmoud liked America, because she declared there was no way she would ever return to Egypt.

The couple, who met during season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way in January 2023, made headlines on February 20 when ​Mahmoud was arrested for domestic violence after an altercation with Nicole. On February 28, Nicole broke her silence on the arrest via Instagram Stories.

The Idaho native shared a post from the Musawah Movement Instagram account that featured a graphic discussing Policy Brief 8. The policy’s mission is to “end violence against women in Muslim families.”

“Violence against women is a global phenomenon that cuts across all cultures, religions, countries, and contexts. Over one in three women experience physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives,” the caption from the post read. “Violence against women stems from patriarchal ideas, power imbalances, and sex and gender discrimination.”

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