Russia imposes sanctions on 27 UK lawmakers

Russia imposes sanctions on 27 UK lawmakers

Russia has imposed sanctions on 27 former and current British lawmakers. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued the ban on Wednesday, local time. As a result, those British lawmakers will not be able to enter Russia.

Many of the UK legislators who have been banned have no membership in the current parliament. Former lawmaker Dominic Greaves has twice been named in the list.

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According to the Reuters news agency, Moscow is facing various sanctions from the United States and its allies over the operation in Ukraine. The United Kingdom has imposed sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and other top billionaires and politicians.

On March 11, the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on 37 lawmakers in the lower house of the Russian parliament. In response, lawmakers in the lower house of the Br

itish parliament, the House of Commons, were banned, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement that the lawmakers in the “House of Commons” had played a key role in imposing sanctions on Russia. In addition, they have worked to spread baseless Russian fear in the UK.

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