13-year-old Minnesota youth set to graduate from college

13-year-old Minnesota youth set to graduate from college

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Elliott Tanner will soon earn a bachelor’s degree in physics with a minor in math from the University of Minnesota. Now, he has his sights set on a PhD.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A 13-year-old boy from Minnesota will soon earn his bachelor’s degree from college — with a major in physics and a minor in math.

Elliott Tanner is maintaining a 3.78 grade point average at the University of Minnesota and is participating in undergraduate research while also tutoring classmates. He wants to be high-energy theoretical physicist and ultimately a professor of physics at the university.

“I have an incredible passion for physics,” he said. “It’s been one of my favorite things to do.”

Elliott’s mom, Michelle Tanner, said he started reading and doing math by age 3. Following a few years of homeschooling and a high school curriculum that took him two years to complete, he began taking college classes when he was 9.

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