Online gambling revolves around field games

Online gambling revolves around field games

The players of both the teams are playing on the field. This is the third match the other side is playing online off the field. Suppose cricket is being played on Indian soil. Another version of that game is online.

Even though the game is played in India, crores of rupees are spent on online betting in Bangladesh. Or let’s say football is being played in Spain. Billions of rupees are being invested in online betting in Bangladesh centering on that game. In this way, hundreds of crores of rupees are being traded around each match. And millions of people are falling into the trap of online gamblers.

World Cup Cricket, Football, National League, Euro Cup, UEFA, Spanish League, Copa Am ,rica, Indian Premier League-IPL, BPL — spectators looking for entertainment in these games. However, this game is no longer just a means of entertainment.

Even five years ago, online betting was limited to a handful of people in this country. Now, people from almost every class and profession across the country are getting information about online betting. From sidewalk tea shops to saloon shopkeepers, hawkers, home security guards, salesmen to vagabonds, bus-truck drivers-helpers, CNG drivers, construction workers, housemaids, rickshaw pullers and day laborers, all of the low-income people now go online at any time of the day. Stay busy.

This class of people bets from 1 thousand to 10 thousand rupees. There are college-university students, ninth-tenth grade students of the school are also quite adept at betting online.

A tea shop on the sidewalk of Kawran Bazar in the capital gambles online. Explaining his experience of betting on an IPL match last week, he said, “I saw 12 runs needed in the last two balls in one match that day.” It seemed that it was very difficult to make that run. I bet 5 thousand rupees. But the batsman hit two sixes off two balls and I lost the bet.

Yesterday, a tea shop was seen on the sidewalk behind the Bapex building in Kawran Bazar – the shopkeeper was making tea and checking the betting websites on his mobile phone. When asked about this, he said, ‘I am betting 1 thousand rupees. Occasionally there is profit. There is also loss. When there is a loss, I borrow money from another person and spend it. ‘

About 100 sites are active including One X Bet, Bet Three-Sixty-Five, Most Bet BD, 9 wickets. Many online betting sites are open to anyone. Again, you have to register and enter some betting sites. You have to pay double to register again. In order to enter some sites, you have to pay a certain amount of money in dollars.

In order to enter the sites of some countries, they have to buy coins with the money of that country and enter the sites. And this means the transaction is bKash, cash, rocket or Visa, MasterCard. However, local agents are involved in transactions through this. Some betting sites are taking part through bitcoin. After gambling, all that money is being smuggled abroad through credit cards, e-banking and hundi. No government agency has an account of the amount of money being laundered per day for gambling.

Tareq bin Rashid, deputy commissioner of the cyber and special crime division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police (DB), said, “There is no law on online gambling. We are identifying and arresting those who are suing under the Digital Security Act. So far we have recommended to BTRC to close many betting websites. The site is also closed. But a class of unscrupulous clique uses VPN again.

Asked how the general public can be kept away from online betting or gambling, Deputy Commissioner Tareq bin Rashid said, “First of all, we have to be aware. In this case, parents and teachers must come forward. There is an international cycle behind it. Here we cannot control the media including Google, Facebook, Twitter. So in this case, first of all, awareness is needed.

Sagar, an autorickshaw driver from Dhaka’s Keraniganj, said, ‘I have become destitute by betting online. I also bet on my child’s monthly school salary online. Whereas before I used to earn Rs.1000 daily by driving autorickshaws, I ended up betting. I am paying the loan. There is no market money in the world. ‘ His coming this way through Russell in the area. Let no one come this way.

Imam Hossain, Additional DIG, CID, said that so far online betting websites have been launched in Bangladesh from India, Indonesia, Russia and Malaysia. If you calculate crores of rupees on an average of 100 platforms per day, you can bet 100 crores. If you do the calculation of the year, it stands at thousands of crores of rupees.

The online gambling ring is using social media like Facebook and WhatsApp to join various messenger groups and is making youngsters across the country addicted to online betting by showing greed to earn a lot of money in a short time.

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