Even if you don’t look at Man City, history is the real strength of Real

Even if you don’t look at Man City, history is the real strength of Real

Real-Man City will face in the semi-final of that Champions League. Waiting for the match to be staged at Etihad Stadium on Tuesday at 1pm Bangladesh time. Since European competition is a struggle, let’s calculate the success here. Real has won the continental excellence trophy a record 13 times. On the contrary, stay away from the title, Man City has only reached the final once. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

he difference between the two parties becomes clear in this statistic. Man City coach Pep Guardiola has therefore told the disciples that one cannot look at Real’s history. Before the first leg of the semi-final, the former Barcelona coach said, “If we look at the history of Real, there is no chance (of winning). History speaks for itself.

If you don’t look at Guardiola, this history of success is the real strength of Real. In the current state of the team, the question was whether Real could cross the last sixteen. Because the star-studded Paris Saint-Germain fell at the beginning of the knockout stage. He overcame that obstacle by writing a story of incredible return and entered the quarter finals. The opponent there is another strong Chelsea. By saying goodbye to the current champions, they showed their strength in the European competition. And now Man City are at the peak of their form in the semi-finals.

Even if you don’t look at Man City, history is the real strength of Real

Real’s situation was such that there was a dearth of people to bet on their way to the semi-finals. They are moving forward at a breakneck pace. Where history is working as a big inspiration. Before the match, coach Carlo Ancelotti himself said, “History is their strength to move forward.” And that’s even more than the opponent. This history serves as a fuel of confidence in the minds of our players, they understand the weight of this shirt. This pressure must be taken as positive.

Real have won the European Championship three times in a row as the only team to have won the Champions League. Los Blancos, who have won 13 times, have not won the title for several seasons. But this time it is on the way. There are big obstacles in the way. Man City now in front.

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