Brawl Stars Free Gems Generator and Gold Coins for free? The Truth!

Brawl Stars Free Gems Generator and Gold Coins for free? The Truth!

Brawl Stars Gems and Gold Coins for free? Is it actually possible to get them? Are Brawl Stars Mods available online? Get your answers here!

Brawl Stars is one of the most famous MOBA games on Mobile today. So, with a player base that is spread over the whole world, the game is sure to attract a lot of attention from Hackers and Modders.
Therefore, if so, where are these mods? And how can you find them?

Are free Gems and Gold coins available for Brawl Stars?
Now, we know that what we’re about to say next will be a major letdown for many of you out there. However, as an honest and ethical follower of Brawl Stars, and its company Supercell for the last 7-8 years, we feel entitled to tell you the truth. THERE IS NO HACK OR MOD AVAILABLE FOR SUPERCELL GAMES. At least, none that work at least.

Now, those of you for whom Brawl Stars is your first Supercell may not believe us right away. However, you just need to look around and ask your friends to assure you about this. Almost all of your friends who have played Clash Royale and Clash of Clans will know that the game is unhackable. How do they know it? They know it because “free gems” and “free gold” plaques have been thrown around in the Supercell community for over a decade now ever since these games came along. However, anybody who has tried that has come up short because the process does not work.

There was once a time though, in the early days of Clash, when Xmod hackers did exist. However, a crackdown on them began a long time ago and they’ve history ever since.

Why should you not try to play a “random mod” off the Internet?
Okay, even after this, most of you will ask us, well what’s wrong with trying? “Who knows‌, what if it works!”

We seriously request you not harbour this attitude. That’s because even “trying” to use Mods for Supercell games has gotten thousands of people banned in the past. All those “uninstalling and “reinstalling” tricks you may try, or those rooted software phones you dig up, none of those will serve you. Unless you want them to “serve” you a ban that is! Also, these bans aren’t short either. They last a minimum of 2-5 years too.

Also, apart from Hacks and Mods, there are many other ways to get banned in Supercell games. Learn all about the strict Supercell Fairplay regulations here.

Caution: Don’t try to do business with your accounts.

So, no Brawl Stars Gems and Gold Coins for free? But why does no hack work?
The reason you cannot hack Supercell games is down to the same reasons you cannot hack League of Legends.

First reason, it’s an online server-based game. So, the game evolves constantly and it’s tough to develop consistent hacks. Okay, now you might ask us, what if someone is intelligent enough to make one? After all, there’s loads of genius around, right?

Well, this brings us to our second reason. Supercell has a very active cyber policing system. Most of the time, hacks are identified within hours of them being exploited. So, what follows is an immediate global ban. A global ban, as you can figure out from its name, is one that can prevent you from working around bans by “making different accounts”. Basically, instead of just your game account getting banned, the IDs you link it with get banned as well. So, no more cheap thrills!

Below, is a video of 7 ways you can get banned in Clash Royale. Most of these apply to Brawl Stars too. You can watch it for more info.

As veterans of the game and the community, we have lived through the “Supercell hack sensation” of the past. So, trust us when we say that it doesn’t work. Or, look up a million hoax mods on the Internet and fail… your choice. Both of them work. Supercell doesn’t sell hacks for Brawl Stars or any other game, unlike a few video games companies out there either. Ahem! Ahem!

The only way you get Brawl Stars Gems and Gold Coins for free is when you play well and earn rewards. This isn’t a huge problem because the game is great fun! So, get out there and get ready to brawl!

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