Sean-Srijla: Breaking up relationship with Rohan, going to act in a romantic scene?

Sean-Srijla: Breaking up relationship with Rohan, going to act in a romantic scene?

Boishakh in the air, do you think this is the final ‘Fagun’ Shaun Bandyopadhyay-Srijala Guhar?

Telepara says, Rohan Bhattacharya or ‘past’ in the life of Srijala. Shawn fell in love while acting in a continuous romantic scene in the serial ‘Mon Fagun’! On the other hand, Rohan has been concentrating on physical exercise for several days. The actor is sharing that picture with the fans. He said that he is going to come in a new incarnation very soon. Even before the news of Sohini Sarkar-Ranjoy Vishnu’s love affair broke down, the news of their separation was rife on social media. Rohan’s fans regret, ‘I don’t even know Rohan’s condition is like Suban’s!’

In this way, they have reminded about the divorce of ‘Shyama’ alias Tiyasa and Suban Roy, the heroine of the serial ‘Krishnakali’ a few days ago. In addition, the audience got another taste of Shawn-Sreejla’s performance on the Star Jalsa awards stage. Lately, their chemistry on the screen is like an extra show!

What is the real event? What are the three doing now? Rohan’s phone caller tune Sri Ramakrishna’s name song! The actor picked up the phone from Anandabazar online while doing gym. The actor’s ‘bird’s eye’ web series. So exercise. Before asking the question, he said, “I have heard the news. Not surprised. Five years ago, I and Swastika Dutta were the protagonists of the serial ‘Bhaj Govinda’. Even then there was a great buzz. Srijala did not understand the unrest. Today he understands. ”

Rohan added that he and his mother still could not cope with the sudden death of their father. He could not give time to his mother because of ‘Aparajita Apu’. So now the boy is next to the mother for most of the day. Because, Srijala is busy all the time. With series and shows. Shawn-Sreejla’s dance with ‘Tip Tip Barsha Pani’ on the Star Jalsa show says otherwise. Have you seen Rohan? The actor claims, “I have seen. Like everyone else, I smiled and told Srijala, what’s the matter? According to him, this extra chemistry is bound to be created by working with any actor with mind.

Shawn has been out of town for the past three days. April 26 in Goa on the occasion of his birthday. Srijala was in the city. On April 25, he also shot at V Line Studio till 3 pm with his mind. His co-star was Shawn Dey. Prantik Banerjee and Oishee Bhattacharya were also with him for some time. April 26 was a holiday for the actress. Did he fly to Goa to attend Shawn’s birthday? The question was with the producer of the series Snigdha Basu. His reply was, “Shaun-srijla is very hardworking. Maintains good relationships with co-stars and works under the direction of the director. I am not interested in anyone’s personal affairs. ” He is just a producer. And Shawn-Sreejla is an adult.

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