Latest: Qatar Provides Kabul with Food and Medical Assistance | Government and Politics

Latest: Qatar Provides Kabul with Food and Medical Assistance | Government and Politics

Dubai-Qatar, United Arab Emirates, sent planes carrying food and medicine to Kabul as part of an effort to provide Afghanistan with terrible supplies as Afghanistan faces most western aid outages. rice field.

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said the plane landed at Kabul Airport on Sunday with 26 tonnes of medical and food aid.

Qatar’s small Gulf nations have played a major role in evacuation operations as US troops completed their withdrawal from the country last week. It is also expected to play an important political role in the coming of Afghanistan.

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What else is happening:

Berlin-The Chairman of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has arrived to visit Afghanistan for three days.

Peter Maurer will arrive on Sunday to visit medical facilities, a rehab center for victims of violence and illness, and ICRC staff.

The relief group said in a statement that Maurer would also meet with local Afghan authorities.

Maurer said: The International Committee of the Red Cross is dedicated to staying here to support its recovery. “

The ICRC President also emphasized that Afghanistan’s future depends on ongoing “investment from the outside world.”

Vatican City — Pope Francis encourages countries to welcome Afghan refugees seeking a new life.

Francis prayed for the support and protection of refugees in Afghanistan when it was opened to the public on St. Peter’s Square on Sunday.

“At these turbulent moments when Afghans seek evacuation, I pray for the most vulnerable of them. I pray that many countries will welcome and protect all those seeking a new life. “I will.” Said Francis.

The Pope did not quote the Taliban or their policies, but added that “young Afghans may have access to an essential education for human development.”

He concludes with the hope that all Afghans, whether in their homeland, in transit, or in the country of acceptance, “can live with dignity, peace, and brothers with their neighbors.” I gave it down.

Berlin — Angelina Jolie has expressed concern about the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan.

The actress, who is also a special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, told a German newspaper on Sunday that she does not think that the next government in Afghanistan will simply turn the clock back and everything will be like 20 years ago. But she still has great concerns about the situation of the women there.

Jolly tells the weekly Welt am Sonntag: And I’m thinking of a young Afghanistan who is worried about losing his freedom. “

Taliban fighters occupied most of Afghanistan last month, celebrating the last US military departure after the 20-year war. Rebel groups must now rule a war-torn country that relies heavily on international aid.

A Berlin-Taliban spokesman told a German newspaper that his group wanted to establish diplomatic relations with Germany.

“We want a strong and formal diplomatic relationship with Germany,” Zabihullah Mujahid told Welt am Sonntag every week.

The newspaper reported on Sunday that the Taliban wants financial support from Germany, humanitarian assistance and cooperation in Afghanistan’s health system, education and agriculture.

The German government is reserved for establishing an official relationship with the Taliban. Officials say talks are needed to take the remaining former Afghan employees who worked for the Germans out of the country.

According to the newspaper, Mujahideen said it was a pity that Germany cooperated with Americans during the war. “But that is now allowed.”

Kabul, Afghanistan-Some domestic flights have been reopened at Afghanistan International Airport in Kabul, and state-owned Ariana Afghan Airlines operates flights to three states.

Airport airline station manager Shershah Stor told The Associated Press on Sunday that the flight took place on Saturday to western Herat, southern Kandahar and northern Balkh. He said the flight took place without a radar system functioning at the airport.

Three more flights to the same state are scheduled for Sunday, Stowe said.

A team of Qatar and Turkish engineers arrived in Kabul last week to help reopen the airport. The United Nations states that it is important to provide humanitarian assistance to the country. However, it is not yet known if commercial airlines are willing to provide the service.

Washington — The U.S. Army’s Supreme General thanked members of the 10th Mountain Division for serving in Afghanistan during the evacuation of Americans, Afghanistan, and others over the past few weeks.

Army General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met with the gendarmerie on Saturday at the Rhein Barracks in Germany.

Standing outside and talking to the group, he asked them, “Are you there for the bombing?” The head nodded and the chorus of voice answered “yes, sir”.

More than a week ago, an Islamic State group suicide bomber near the gate of Kabul Airport caused 13 U.S. military personnel and 169 Afghan people to flock around the immigration area, desperate to board a plane from Afghanistan. I did.

“You did a great job. The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force all flew 124,000 people. That’s what you saved,” Millie told the soldiers. He said they “cooperated and showed great courageous discipline and ability.” It’s something you should always be proud of … this will be the moment you always remember. “

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Latest: Qatar Provides Kabul with Food and Medical Assistance | Government and Politics

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