LIST: Latest COVID-19 numbers for Central Virginia schools

Need the low-down on recent COVID-19 numbers in Central Virginia schools? ABC13’s got you covered.

Health officials have warned of a serious spike in cases as the fall season approaches. According to a UVA COVID-19 Model, due to the spread of the Delta variant, cases will surge through the fall, reaching levels not seen since April.

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Amherst County:

After a district closure last week, Amherst County has reported three new cases as of Sept. 8.

Bedford County:

As of Sept. 10, the district reported 18 positive cases, eight more than the previous day. The highest reported cases were Sept. 7 with 40 positive cases.

Carroll County:

The latest data shows a total of 103 students in quarantine and 21 new positive cases.

Campbell County:

The district reported two new cases Sept. 9.


There are currently five active staff cases and four active student cases. Since Aug. 9, the district has seen a total of 109 confirmed student cases

Floyd County:

There was a total of eight positive cases reported last week.

Franklin County:

Recent reports show Benjamin Franklin Middle School has the highest student cases for the month of September with 43 positive cases. In total, there are 134 positive student cases for the month of September thus far.

Henry County:

As of Sept. 10, Henry County has reported 24 new student cases and 3 new staff cases.

Lynchburg City Schools:

As of Sept. 10, 20 students are in quarantine. The last positive case was reported Sept. 7.

Montgomery County:

Christiansburg Middle School had 11 positive tests, the largest in its district last week. In total, Mongomery County had 72 positive cases for the week ending in Sept. 10.

Nelson County:

As of Sept. 6, Nelson County reported a total of 6 positive cases. That makes a total of 23 positive cases for the school year thus far.

Patrick County:

The latest reports show a total of 54 positive cases, the highest number being at Patrick County High with 34 cases.

Pittsylvania County:

As of Sept. 12, there are a total of 35 positive cases, nine being employees and 26 being students.


As of Sept. 10, there were 40 positive cases, 33 being students and seven being staff members.

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